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Here you can read all about my work in the online porn industry, and my online exploits with my fellow sex worker friends.

You may find some kinky websites that you like, or gain access to the webcam models that I often chill with when they are online camming and chatting with all the horny peeps in their rooms.

I personally ALWAYS have my britches buttoned up when I hangout with my friends, if they wanna get jiggy with me they know where to find me. You on the other hand should go enjoy the epic sexiness that they all possess in some way, shape, or form.

As for the models I do not know, well I'm tryna send you some traffic and some tippers, sorry if you are a tad bit too hot and I run up some fap taxes that go unpaid. #HereWeGoAgain

MAY 2023


Welp if ya work in adult and are not aware, we are at war with outside forces. We have been for, like, ever now... Gonna get really intersting and most likely rather fucked up at some point. Having to side up with the evil bastards at MindGeek has me re-thinking my entire online existence once again. Third time is a charm, right lmao.


APRIL 2023

4/6/2023 - The Fix Is In!

Short and sweet post to get my blog up and running. Today I am rebuilding and changing Kinky's Links entirely, so I do not have a lot of time to be sitting on my ass talking to you. I'll most likely be working, err fixing my network of adult websites. It worked wonders for 18+ years up until somewhat recently, when Google's latest link spam update finally took down what I called "the thinnest content you could ever make a fuck ton of money with."

4/7/2023 - Still FiXXXing My Shit!

I am gonna be working on shit to clean up as best I can for an eternity or so. My own fault for taking a 12 year vacation. Absolutely amazing that my network still brings in the traffic and some decent scratch for me. I am on site 3 out of 350+, so this blog might get A) repetitive and B) not updated for a year or so LOL.

This is my OG porn links site, sorta my baby, that I put up for adoption in 2005 via focusing on stuff that makes me money. Really tryna get it to a point so that if anybody should visit it, they will have a good shot at finding a kick ass website that will help them enjoy a fun kink or three.

Welp I did take a little time off of work to do some work, I love that watching adult webcams is actually part of my job. I consider it "study time" for my biz. I was chilling with a sexy gal named Em for awhile and she was rocking my lucky number which is 23. Those curves tho, holy hot stuff <3

She logged off after awhile due to nobody wanting to tip to see her tiddies (again WOWZA) so I cruised into this little angel's room, and she is so hot that I didn't care that her room was spammed full of nonsense with her own bots.

My pet peeve of all pet peeves is models spamming their own chatrooms literally to death so that nobody talks to them.

4/8/2023 - Taking a Breather

I am taking today off to go "full Vegas" which means watching some UFC fights and chillin' like a villian. So those fights were amazing, but is it still real to me dammit? Inquiring minds don't care anymore. And I worked a fuck ton today too, the evil never rest, the wicked never sleep or something to that effect.

I did however get some good work done after my study sessions with a couple of smoking hot models last night, you can check out my cam model advice page if you are struggling or just need a couple new ideas to up your camming game. It is real simple, ad free as I ain't tryna get you to do anything at all for me, and is nutting butt pure LOVE for every webcam streamer in the adult industry <3

4/9/2023 -  Happy Easter Sunday!

Worship me as you see fit... Money is always nice. Just sayin'. I can't sleep so I am checking up on the trans girls and seeing how that section of cams is going these days. You can spend your day with A Divine Hammer too if you are into transgender porn models. Talk about a bubble booty that is aching to be popped... If you like a gal wth a HUGE cock well then here ya go fellas and gurls enjoy the monster hiding in her panties, if you dare!

I have a strong affection for the trans models, as the world treats sex workers badly enough, but they get it a metric fuck ton worse <3

THANK MY DADDY GOD! I FINALLY FUCKING FIGURED OUT WHY KINKURBATE.LIVE WOULD NOT WORK PROPERLY. Those little details when webmastering can make a huge difference, the TTL numerals were set to the wrong value, so the darned www forwarding wasn't working. Now it is so go kink you hearts out while my OCD takes a little rest!

Oh joy my adoreable little friend Ms. Hex is BACK, have not seen her in forever. She is totally clowning around in clown makeup, as she is a free-spirited wild child. I bet she drops an unsuspecting models room into hers for non-ticket holders when she heads into her ticket show, as she spreads love on CB in epic fashions...

Lotsa models hardly ever cam, from the old schoolers and long timers that is, this shit is too damned hard to get used to. The constant pervy trolly meaness on the cam sites like Chaturbate that make them a lot less fun than they all use to be... Im working on the fix but it has been SLOW going up to this point. Nobody ever listens to what I actually say, and they often make up all sorts of shit on their end too.

So someday soon after I catch a decent night's sleep without needing to pop a "chill pill" to get to bed, Ima crusie thru a 48 hour webmastering session, and my own personal world will FINALLY be back to normalcy. Until then Ill be blowing trees up the exhaust fan in my new crash pad.

Gonna end my night chilling with a non-nude model, may not sound like much but I assure you some of the models who keep their clothes relatively on will drive you nucking futs. Like this girl, just add water and suddenly her white shirt becomes a wet shirt and... Oh my god she is so fucking sexy, with her nipples poking through her soaking wet white see-thru now top. Literally one of the sexiest things I have ever seen a camgirl do!

It might have something to due with the fact that her face looks just like my ex girlfriend, who was the kinkiest slut I ever met.


WELP it is 3:10 AM and I been working my tail off, I'm all the way into the C section (pun sorta intended) of my domain list. I #might be done by xmas. So late at night and the camgirls are some slim pickings rn. Just kidding there are beautiful breasts and bodacious boobies all over the place... 24 hour-a-day gratuitous nudity whenever you need or want for it.

I am so tired I am questioning my own spelling. Which is amazing compared to most humanimals and of course those wacky sheeple too.

I won my class spelling bee in fifth grade BTW. When I got to the school bee, it went: dog, chair, governor, and I missed a letter and I'm like WTF why did dude get "dog", chick get "chair", and I got fucking goveNOR, spoken like The Governator, to throw me off?

My teacher was an asshat, and hated by the entire school faculty I now know looking back. I was totally set up to fail. Story. Of. My. Fuck Off World! But also have a wonderful day/night/life please and fuck you.

I will be up until at least 4 when I will tehn tune into GOD and stop looping Depeche Mode over and over and over...

PS: ur the failure world, not me.

OK I just love when peeps open up a brand spanking new adult webcam site, with an affiliate program, and then do not have simple link codes for me in the admin. Lemme just pull some stuff outta my ass and test this shit out a bit...

Do they credit me for model joins and affiliate signups, or fuck me in the ass like all the other sites???

This is a test of the emergency adult webmaster broadcasting system. Who is left out there, a Kinky mind NEEDS to know... It's only a test folks, so help me out and sign up if ya read this!

Only 10 models online, some folks would see the magic in that... Others will pass it on by like greased lightning.

Oh and my referral code was under the API section, right where it belongs huh lol. I'm not tryna build a rocket ship I'm trying to sling porn people. Never trust a long fucking string of random numbers as an affiliate unless you verify it is actually your code!


Not like peeps are gone in 3 seconds or less these days or anything.

Oh and just for the record Google and all of your AI brains you have now, I blog ASS BACKWARDS on purpose, so as to tell a story to surfers, instead of tryna get them to give any fucks about my daily activities. Nobody cares and that was obvious like 35 years ago!

7:36 and I still cannot sleeep, so I am chilling with some very ripe low hanging fruit, can't imagine how sweet they taste in real life... Some lucky person is having one hell of a private show rn, so I had to land these jumbo jets in my meantime <3

4/12/2069 And on the 69th SPIN...

Today I went to the UPS store to drop off some Amazon returns, then dropped into The D (an Outback-centric hotel, not anything to do with a dick) (or any sort of defense)(just like US military spending!) and broke my epic losing streak by hitting 4 aces. I hit four of those one-eyed jacks, and In the end I broke even with the gambling gods.

On purpose of course, to fool them into giving me something big really soon. Like REALLY REALLY big like my junk...  Talk about a HUGE fuckin' jackpot haha.

So what I am doing work wise seems to be working as my buddies RankBrain and SpamBrain are being much nicer to my network. I am down to the D section with the rebuilds, and am therefore now drowning in dicks. One of the things you gotta accept as an adult webmaster who wants to earn a big living, seeing other guys junk all the time.

Now all you angelic trans girls out there, well you keep it in your panties too, at least until you get to know me a bit... Unless you are at work in which case whipping your junk all around is of course perfectly fine. Just like you, PERFECT and FINE ;-)

Another jackpot tonight with one hell of a sexy MILF angel alongside a sexy little 18 yo self-proclaimed naughty girl. Don't worry folks I'm totally keeping it "strictly business" in my pants!

2:30 AM and I am taking a short break from working on my porn site network to chill with a fellow 69er who also happens to be a large breasted mature angel with some rather heavenly curves on her.

So does anybody else get sick and tired of the crypto pumpers (crypto is the future folks, get some for FREE) and drop a grand on some COIN stock, just to knock it down a few pegs? It works every. Time.

I got it teetering right exactly at 30K, just to make some folks nervous, and others a bit excited...

QUICK RE-UPDATE: after tottering up for a bit, BTC is now teetering down below 30K on 4/16 around 6:40 PM, meaning my plan is working pretty much perfectly ;-)

The real truth about crypto, is while it is gonna be the future, digital currency that is, it is still in it's infancy. Just like when the internet first popped up and became a thing; Folks spent epic amounts of cash to take their biz online, not understanding that there were almost 0 customers. Nobody would dare shop online for anything, except for PORN.

Right now digital moola is 99% an investment tool, with hardly anybody currently using it to pay for anything. Just look at the internet now to know crypto's future...


Speaking of wasting fuck tons of energy, we are headed for Global Destruction...

OK so technically I am paying rent where I live these days, which is Australia. G'day mates. I am pretty sure that since rent includes "free electricity" which means I don't get a bill, I am gonna make out like a bandit this summer as the Outback breaks a bunch of records for hot temps.

I'm going to be chilling like a villian cranking on this little A/C unit of mine as hard as I can out in this infernal red desert I somehow got myself stuck in. She said she loved me in our PM sessions...

NEVER, ever, NEVER believe a camgirl when she says she loves you, unless it's in her room, and she is telling everybody else as well <3

Way too many folks and nice, lonely fellas on the internut getting fake romance scammed these days.

Love is a many splendored blah blah blah, you either love EVERYTHING and wish it well, or you don't love anything at all.

So here I sit, stuck in the Aussie Outback with a biz in the shitter and no way to get my ass back to some semblence of civilization. How do I get to the moon?

Let Us All Pray for a, aww never mind...

Do NOT be surprised if some rather crazy shit hits the fan soonish, as the world MUST be going to complete HELL, as I just got my first XXX free tube site ever up and running.

I spent lotsa time and energy as well as some major scratch to get it started and loaded with content in as many categories as I possbily could, just to give everything away for FREE? The fuck kinda biz plan is that anyways.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in porn, give it ALL away for free, to fuckin' everybody. I'm sure God will sort that all out eventually. Give it a few years at be$t.

The porn industry went to the tubes in around 2007 or so, with help from the gov + Google loving massive amounts of content. They use to give less fucks than me who's content it was too lol. I didn't, don't, and never really will give any fucks. Mostly because my words are my content.

UPDATE: 5/3/2023

So with the War on Porn brewing up into some battle positions quicker than even I realized, and the funky legalese on the tube site, yeah fuck that noise. Enjoy NOT having all that free porn soon folks...

Your website, your rules yo, I am severely old school cool.

When the tube sites sent a fuck ton of their surfers over to Chaturbate (click to join Chaturbate for FREE!), well still ain't my problem, but I am tryna fix it... All the major freemium cam sites are on that good old Yahoo! Chat biz plan. It went outta business because the adult industry spammed it to death.

It gave birth to Chaturbate (backup CB link, all there shit gets blocked these days), now the XXX Demon Spawn is doing the same thing, only spamming itself literally at the VERY LEAST HALF to DEATH from the inside (talk about a brilliant biz plan bro) along with like, well all of the free cam sites. The chat is pretty much done and gone these days, but the baters are still in effect and tipping lotsa moola at times

Cut out 50+ % of your market shares much cam sites?

Just go start chaturbating furiously on the outside of the site like everybody else is already. Go on now, get yourself done for free, nutting else to see here, for today.

Kinky loves you ALL <3

Well now, that 5 or so hours of sleep was almost worthless, but at least I'm waking up to a big shot of tequilla this morn err tonight. It is pretty much hotter than hell on it's best day... I meant SHE is hotter than hell, my step-daddy Satan must be the one responsible for her. #TooHot4Jesus.

OK note to self: two ginormous cans of Tequilla when you wake up is good for your soul... Or is that your liver? 'Cause she makes mine quiver!!!

 11:50 when I have an epiphany that the reason aside from a major self-spamage problem, the main other reason I do not make much dinero with cams anymore is that everybody who runs a major adult webcam site is a fucking dipshit. This is stamped with FACT on it. Undisputable fact you fools.

Listen up jackasses I cannot even get fuckin links codes from most of your admins. As in nunya shit ever works right, it is all fucked.

The rooms are 99% filled with self-spamage, which btw is a really horrible business plan if you run an adult cam chat site of any sort. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Go Fuck Yourselves!

Oops I mean't "SPAM of ANY TYPE is the mortal enemy of a webcam CHAT site."

So I give up on you and am now forced to go back to selling fake weed to the tourists here in the Outback for the time being. The local yocals here know better as they ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT when they do ANY DAMN THING in Sin City. Otherwise I'd be a rich biiiiatch by now.

It looks like weed, it acts like weed, it even sorta smells like weed. But it is just a CBD substitute and won't get you all high as fuck.

Not like this strain of Tidal Wave I grabbed outta the bargain bin dirt cheap from Nuleaf, which is just north of the Strat right on Las Vegas Boulevard.

On the east side of the road, right as you get into the Downtown Las Vegas area. On the right heading towards the main Strip, and on the left if you are heading down to the Fremont Street Experience area to have a fucking blast.

Errr STFU folks, there is a Las Vegas, Australia too didn't you know? The slots pay out way fucking better out here in the almost deserted infernal red desert of the Aussie Outback!

Kangaroo boxing is my new favorite sport (to bet on) too...

It is sorta like all the crooked combat sports horseshit in the good ole USA, only with Kangaroos judging, 'cause they do a much better job than humans seem to be able to. #DontBetOnThat

I would prolly be rich if I didn't take almost a full 12 years of adult webmaster work off due to some health issues. Ur all fucking crazy, and that drives ME mental in the health department you assholes. Plus I was leaking blood from places that nobody has laid eyes on in years and years. I'll spare you all the deets, but It seems to have sorta gotten a lot better.

If ya need your garbage taken out and your website cleaned up, lemme know, and I assure you I'm charging all you dipshits quadruple what I was gonna.

Was actually gonna do it for free, but alas that is now up to another angel I know, hope that arrow hit her in the right spot... Otherwise ur all fucked just pack up shop and save what you got left in the corporate account...

Chaturbate really is the only site worthy of a wank these days, and it is a fucking mess inside and out.

"I don't always Chaturbate, but when I do I ALWAYS login thru Kinkurbate, because it is an awful lot cooler and 69% kinkier too!"

Kinky Jones, evil pornographer, et al.

Also that is just a bit of a truth stretch, wrapped in a total lie folks, all the cam sites have such sexy models on 'em. All of them, so many hot and wankable nude models. NON nude models too, some of them will/can drive you absolutely wild while never getting totally naked or showing any nudity. Color me more than impressed with (quite) a few of you <3

12:05 4/13/2023

Welcome to tommorrow folks, back to work for me as I hoe, I hoe, so back to work I go... Just a lil bit of potentially insulting webmaster humor. Don't blame me if you are a slut. That's HOT!

I wonder how dude from is doing these days, good guy. Oh that bad huh, the site don't even load. WTF. Just another fucked up glitch in my Matrix I guess...

3:49 AM My mouse shoulder is killin' me, man I am an old fart...

After that sad result earlier, I feel the need for what I call a "booby hunt" which is exactly what it sounds like, I go find a Chaturbate camgirl with really nice tiddies and I chill with her to make myself feel much, much better.

Really can't stress how much better ya feel after seeing a really nice set of tits. Cute face too Kinky likes <3 Thanks for the pick me up girl. A bit of coffee and some chocolate donuts (that is all a webmaster really needs to intake) along with looping my step-brother Billy and I'm all good for a few more seconds at best, ouch I'm feeling my age these days :-(

So fellas do you have a bad case of blue balls right now??? Ladies is your clit aching non-stop for you to rub up on it???

Pants are optional of course, should YOU decide you need to go on your own booby hunt.

Have fun and make sure to misbehave as you see fit!

Maybe this beautiful blonde bombshell can help you out as her breasts are entirely too sexy, along with her beyond gorgeous face of course.

I sorta hate tattoos on camgirls these days, mostly because like every model has tattoos these days. I don't like judge or disgrace like the fans do by any stretch, just like pointing out a pointless point. Also I said sorta AND it is a lie as I love tattoos on sexy gals <3


Just got a "kinkfan request signal" on my Kinkphone and somebody wants to see a super spicy latina with a pretty face and an amazing rack on her chest. She has her nipples pierced too, so ya know for sure she likes to get at least a little freaky at times.

"Good Lord this girl is HOT" was recently spoken out loud by me.

That epic booty shake tho, so damned YUMMY! #SpicyLatinaBabe

Just a quick re-update: that dildo goes down her throat just like a miracle!

Just another truth along with a really funny masturbation joke or two thrown in.

Or shall I say "tossed into your gaping asshole" instead, as this is the porn industry after all.

"Holy HUGE Tits Kinkman!" he says to himself out loud with a self-righteous snicker...

Now those are some big natural funbags that I would not mind having some fun with... I fondly refer to those types of breasts as "Bouncing Betties" because well, they can make you blow up all over yourself just like a Bouncing Betty land mine. #DangerousCurves

OK if ur currently on the hunt for an 18 year old blonde girl with perfectly puffy nips and big areolas then today is your lucky day. Oh nice she is tying her tiddies up with some rope, what a kinky little angel, so enjoy that if ya catch it on her cam. #BreastBondage

Along with her sweet little ass too, Jesus Christ camgirls are sexy. Yes I know stop telling urself that, jesus christ you nerd.

Still amazes me that this is actually my job, gotta love it <3 If only I woulda been working properly for the last 10+ years like I shoulda been :-(

 4/13/2023 Plop Plop, Fizz Fizzle...

Plop plop, fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is (old alka seltzer joke) that I finally got a good night err day's sleep without having to pop a "chill pill" in order to do so.

Also nice to see that Google has dropped my entire network like a bad habit today... I have to keep reminding myself that it is all part of my grand scheme, to "build back better" just like Murica, fuck yeah!

Just a little bit of caffiene, a small amount of nicotine, and some old school hard house and I am feeling back to normal. Minus the lack of traffic and sales, thanks for nuttin' googsy...

Don't worry Kink, ya gotta break a few thousand eggs to cook up a proper pron network buddy!!!

OK so I know you got standards and what not these days Google, and have pigeonholed the entire internet into what your web dev team wants, but this is MY blog so I am doing it how I want to, and could not give any fucks as to whether your algorithm likes it one bit. Just kiddng so "just rank me bro!" and never forget that I love you googsy <3

Way to upload the wrong index to the wrong site, jackass!!! Maybe I could use just a tad bit more natural sleep huh?!?

4/14/2023 Quoth the Kinky, ever more!

Just some random thoughts and compliments that I say out loud instead of in a model's chat at times.

It's usually OK to THINK it, but c'mon stop saying it all out loud without ever tipping fellas!

"Good girl, take off your pants and stay awhile!"

"OMG if that nipple slips out I'm gonna have to take a break job real quick..."

Slippery nipples on a camgirl are one of my favorite things to see...

Welp it is officially official: the only thing worse than my "negative insomnia" is of course my "positive insomnia" which won't let my brain turn off to sleep hardly at all. STFU brain before I stab you with a fuck ton of weed so I can ignore you for at least 8 hours...

Just in case you are actually following along w/ all of my online porn industry exploits, I got bored off my ass going in "alphaBATEical" order and have been bouncing around randomly from website to website. What I am saying is my mess is both shrinking and growing all at once, sorta like my god damned prostate!

Screw you porn sites & surfers, I have to piss ten times a minute.

May as well put my personal pee pee problemos to good business use, so the ONLY webcam site I know of where you can still urinate for your fans on cam is Fetish Galaxy. Fans looking for some piss kink can join the site for free and get some free credits, then use the advanced search function to find the watersports models who pee on cam.

Live piss kink people, get it while it's hot ;-)

5:20 PM And I am All Like FUCKING FINALLY...

So life as the "alpha kinkpire" is not always easy peasy, as it took me 4 attempts to block the GOD DAMNED sunlight from sneaking into my place, so that I can sleep like a normal vampire...

Do not worry folks and girls as I am not a bloodthirsty maniac who wants to drain the life outta you slowly. Kinkpires feast on all of your KINKS and want to drain as many orgasms outta you as we possibly can. Afterwards we wanna cuddle a lot too.

It only took a few tools to block GOD from shining an eternally internal light on my $oul: blackout curtains, my motivational wall tapestry, lots of thumbtacks, a bunch of safety pins, white duct tape, and black electrical tape. #JesusChrist

It is hands down the strangest window I have ever encountered, as it has no "top" and is flush with the ceiling, so there is nothing to tack to atop, thus leaving it dfficult to fully cover up... I almost just smashed the mother fucker to bits after a couple attempts failed miserably.

I might be able to sleep now, but most likely not..

Kink's "evil pornography lair" where it all goes down (in flames!)

Kinky's crash pad, welcome to my evil pornography lair.
Evil Pornography Lair Pic Courtesy Of: Satan's Nephew

Good luck tryna decipher my "biz plans" on my whiteboard, as I don't really even know WTF it all mean$.

Well except the one word: TAXES. Always gotta wait until the very last day I can. Idiot!

WELP Youtube and there ad scheme = fuck off and die like twitter. Switched over to the free Amazon music today, and will neva look back at that crapola. Clicks 1 song by The Animals and then gets the most amazing playlist I have ever heard. What is a youtube good for anyways?!?

LINKS PULLED! An adult webmaster joke about having to switch links to new sites after somebody in the porn industry just screwed you in the ass without any lube. Too lazy to remove the links to the songs I posted here already anyways.

Time to Get a Bit Animated!

OK so sadly the best camgirl in existence today is actually a complete and utter fake hot mess. Actually an animated cam model, run by a dev team, and they are smart enough to run her room 100% clean. The room flows like a waterfall and she hits the #1 spot on Chaturbate eevry time she goes live.

Sadly the other models cannot comprehend that they should do what she/they do and run a clean room. They think her only trick is that she is an anime girl. She is run by some rather smart brainiacs. Follow suit, not all the top models who are having success despite using horrible marketing practices. Somebody gotta be on top so.

Have a Nice Day!

4/15/2023 Happy The Fappening to You and Yours!

Here is a game I invented called My Lucky Fap Tax.

It is really easy to play, you just wank to model after model after model and then when you POP to one, you send her a lucky fap tax. Which means that YOU will have tremendously good luck if you pay all of your fap taxes, 69 hours straight to be exact about it. Not a second less, not a cuntry mile more.

Tip YOUR Lucky Fap Tax (23 tokens on the dot!) and go collect that amazing good luck!!! *LUCK IS 100% GUARANTEED


Today's Lucky Fap Tax Winner Is: Blondy and her 32FF breasts, who can blame me lol.

G'day Mates <3


Well my taxes are not yet "filed and paid" but they are "figured out" so I should just make the tax filing deadline by the skin of my teeth yet again. Hafta crack the sarcastic joke "why you charge me so much for being self-employed" Uncle Sam? Also RIP my Uncle Sam <3

UPDATE: Alright so I did NOT pay my fap tax the other day, and my luck is now horrific again, so I suggest ALWAYS paying your fap taxes fellas and girls!!


Taxes are done, paid, and sent off to the IRS. Good luck collecting any and all fap taxes for quite some time models, Kinky is as broke as one of his lame ass jokes right now.


It's 420 somewhere and everywhere on earth, liftoff in process. I'll be in outer space for my foreseeable future. Save yourselves Jesus is too stoned to give any fucks anymore.


Today is my mom's birthday and all I wanna know is when the bitch is finally gonna go to hell. Hopefully ya'll had a better mother figure than I did.

"I'm an evil pornographer because of you mom!" Take that you evil bitch, now go burn in hell with my father already...



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