What Does "Fuck Face" Mean???

Hey Fuckface How YOU Doing Today???

Here is the deal folks, everybody has a so called fuck face, it just means the face you make when you have an orgasm, or are being pleased good and proper like. You (should) know how women's faces do all sorts of wierd, odd, strange, and SEXY things when they are getting fucked?

If not open your eyes as you pound away, it is just a bit HOT watching a lady's face as you try to please her in bed. Plus the face is THE KEY, if she looks bored AF, the meaning might be that you ain't quite the amazing stud muffin you think you are!

Open your eyes and get a fucking clue, bros and girls...

I for one have a beautiful fuck face, not that I ever use the damned thing LOL.

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Love ALL Ya Fuck Heads,



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