Here are Some Camgirls Who Do, and Some Who Do NOT Have any of those Evil Tattoos!

It seriously seems like almost every single camgirl has at least 1 tattoo these days, so here are some that I found that have no tattoos at all, as well as some models who have lots of ink on their skin.

Do not worry tats or no tats they are all FREE to watch boys and girls!

I've decide to put any and all evil tattoo related models here on one page, sorta because I am a lazy pothead...

I am of course joking about tattoos being evil as I have a lot on myself, but I have known for like 18+ years now that some folks just do not like tattoos on their favorite cam models and/or porn stars. It is just a major turn-off for some so I try to find models without any at all.

Since tats and piercings have gone more mainstream, it is harder and harder to find camgirls who are completely tattoo free.

Everybody and their hot mom has a sleeve or some visible ink nowadays in webcam world...

I myself am not judging, complaining, or bitching negatively (like some vocal fans often do) but I am tryna serve up some sexy tattoo-free models for the rather large segment of the surfers out there who hate any and all forms of artwork when it is on a haman body.

So I found a sexy MILF, with no tats, who is wanting to get some. Proving me RIGHT that everybody and their hot moms have tattoos these days! Dammit I forgot to bookmark her. The one model with no tats I could find. Well here is a VERY KINKY MILF in an attempt to make up for the lack of models w/o a lot of visible ink.

OK I found the really hot mom who is currently tattoo free, enjoy her she is #yummy.


OK here are some more camgirls who ARE NOT tatted up:

Akura is an Asian cam model who has really big tits. I'm getting hypnotized by them myself #Perfect

Salem is a very sexy free-spirited "wierdo" with small breasts and a HUGE personality #WierdosUnite

Kristi is a blonde teen (18 when I wrote this) who has big puffy nipples and a really cute face.


And here are some camgirls who ARE tatted up all over:

This smoking hot blonde has a firm set of breasts, a perfect kitty with no hair, some sexy feets & toes, and oh yeah some really HOT ink too. Also when I say smoking hot, she also smokes cigarettes while she is camming if you are looking for hot women that smoke cigs.

Here is another beautiful blonde who has some sexy tattoos on her rock hard body. If you love blondes with tats then you'll be rock hard too when you see her!

This cute girl is stacked to the max in the tiddy department and is covered in sexy tats too.




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