What is a FAP TAX, and Why Does it Even Matter These Days?

Time to get all guilt trippy again over your fap tax with the webcam fans and aficionados boys and girls!!!

OK so it is a sad state of adult industry affairs when most all the new breed of cam models don't even know what a fap tax is, much less why they should ALWAYS have one available for your fans and viewers in your bio.

What is a fap tax?

First and foremost it is one of my most favoritest domains that I own.

Secondly, if you achieve an almighty orgasm while watching a free cam model, you technically owe a fap tax and have "an optional bill" waiting to be paid.

Yes fap taxes are always OPTIONAL, and are just a really fucking nice way to say THANK YOU to a hot nude model that helped you get off really good.

The kicker and big time bonus to paying your tax, is that the model will most likely feel rather good about it too, you letting her/him/they know how yummy they are and tipping 'em some tokens for all of their HARD work on your end.

Some models really love knowing when peeps get off to them, and have a tax as low as 5 tokens. Other models really do NOT wanna hear all about your peesh and personal fapping experiences and will set their tax at a rather high level. If they gotta hear about it from ya they wanna get paid properly for their/your time.



OK now EVERYBODY reading this go do or shall I say FILE your taxes already!

Happy Fapping Bros and Girls!



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