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This is my list of adult websites that I think are worth checking out. If you consider yourself to be in the kinky category that is!

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As far as this website is concerned Kinky is an adult webmaster who works long and hard, sometimes 48 hours at a time, compiling lists of links to adult websites that I think other people might enjoy.


Kinky means to help you find a good porn site to get off at or maybe a dating site where you can find somebody to have kinky sex with.


Kinky sex is a term used to describe sexual acts that fall outside the norm of vanilla sex.

To some people kinky is having sex with the lights on, while other people need some whips and chains in order to get their kink on properly.


Sorry to ask a loaded personal question, I really don't want to know the answer, I just wanna point you in the right direction so you can find whatever floats your boat as far as your own sexuality goes.

What kind of adult website are you trying to track down today?

Just some of the options I have for you to check out are high quality porn sites, adult dating sites, adult webcam sites, content creator porn, my favorite webcam models, and some kinky sex stories in case some of you like to read your smut just like Kinky often does.

My list of adult websites is always growing as I find new things to link to. As the saying goes "a website is never really finished and a webmaster's work is never quite done."

So if you wander into my little piece of paradise on the internet I hope I can help you find what your kinky little heart is desiring today!


I really enjoy helping others especially when it comes to getting laid, so here are the best adult dating sites I know of that will help you meet new people to have sex with.

I've worked with an awful lot of dating and hookup sites in my 20+ years as an adult webmaster, but these are the 3 that are still around and going strong while all of the others have gone offline and out of business.

If you are looking for somebody specific here are some places to find more dating sites in some different categories:


If you have never enjoyed live webcam porn before you have no idea what you are missing out on.

You can watch nude webcams for free, chat with all the other kinky fuckers in public adult chat rooms, and also go private with the model of your choice for a steamy 1-on-1 cam show.

Are you looking for the best FREE adult webcam site?

You should check out the best as far as the free cam sites go, they have lots and lots of hot models on cam around the clock every day of the week.

It is 100% free, you do NOT need a credit card to join or to watch their live shows. In fact they do not even require your email address if you want to sign up for your own chat nickname and start interacting with the models.

So does a totally free adult webcam site sound like what you are looking for?

If so click here and join Chaturbate in less than 30 seconds!

That link might posibly get blocked if you are using any ad blocking stuff, if so so click here for my backdoor backup link.

Here are a couple more cam sites that are completely free:

Are you looking for the best PREMIUM adult webcam site?

These days the really popular free cam sites can leave much to be desired, the chat rooms are rather messy and filled with lots of self-spammage as the models just aren't too keen on the marketing side of things. Not all of the models do private 1-on-1 shows and the peeps in the public chats can sometime be the most annoying perves on the planet.

Here are a couple of cam sites that are technically still free, but they require a credit card to sign up.

You do NOT get charged when you signup, but they have the requirement in place to "keep the riff raff out" so the site is not packed with perves and "free baters" who muck stuff up and make a cam site a lot less fun.

These sites cater to those who know that cam to cam sex is the hottest porn ever and love to spoil all of their favorite models who take care of all their kinky needs and wants.

So if you want a premium webcam experience try these sites out:


These are the biggest and best porn websites that charge a monthly membership fee to enjoy all of their high-quality content.

If you are looking for fuck loads of endless porn videos and pics to get off to these are some good options to check out.


If you are looking for true amatuer porn then these sites are the way to go.

There are so many peeps earning a living showing off their naughty bits as amatuer porn stars nowadays.

There might not be any content created on my pages, but find the "sign up as a fan" links or the signup page, once you join you will be able to search for creators that set your crotch on fire with desire...

Here are a bunch to check out and find some naked peeps who turn you on immensely:



Here is a list of my favorite cam models that I sometimes spend some time with, maybe you will enjoy thier company too.

Just a word from the wise when it comes to treating adult industry models properly: Be nice and non-pervy, treat them like a human and not just a fuck doll that only exists to provide sexual satisfaction.

As it stands the site these hosts are camming on Chaturbate is mostly full of peeps rocking rather trollish nonsense, or peeps going with the vulgar and disgusting angle in the public chats.

Treat 'em all like humans and you will be handsomely rewarded, I promise you that!

If you have an ad blocker active you might not be able to see these links, don't miss out turn that sucker off, I'm tryna point you to some really hot chicks is all!

My Fave Female Cams:

My Fave Transgender Cams





Check out Literotica if you want to read some smut. It has been around for decades and is updated daily with sex stories in all sorts of freaky categories. I may have read a story or 69 there over the years and it is my go to spot if I feel like reading a kinky story or two.


If you cannot find anything that floats your boat at my website, by all means check out The Porn Dude as he has links to shit that you don't even know exists yet.

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